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What Should I Blog About

When I develop a website for a business client, I always suggest they setup a blog on their site.  Blogging keeps your site fresh and helps tremendously with your SEO efforts.  However, I typically get a lukewarm response, at best,  because most business owners don’t know what they should blog about and they don’t want to take the time to write a blog.

When clients ask me ‘What Should I Blog About’, I recommend that try to think like a user.  When you want information on a product or service, what is the one of the first things you do?  You Goolge it. Many people who are familiar with Google utilize what is called long tail keywords or phrases. Long tail keywords are those three and four keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are search for.  For example, if I were trying to find someone to repair a leak in my pool in Orlando, I would Google ‘Pool leak repair in Orlando’ or maybe ‘Orlando swimming pool leak repair’.   The SERP (Search Engine Results Page) would show me a list of company who repair leaks in swimming pools in Orlando.

When you are thinking through blogging topics for your business, think of how a client will search for you on Google.  For my business, I might use ‘Website Design in Orlando’ or ‘Small Business Website Develop’ or ‘Websites for Small Business’ or ‘Blogging Help for Business’, etc.

The other thing I recommend is to list the top 10 or 20 questions customers typically ask.  In my business, it might be ‘how much does a website cost’ or ‘how do I start blogging’.  For each of these questions, create a blog post. This is exactly the strategy I have taken with this blog post ‘What Should I Blog About’.

While we are covering what you should blog about, I will take a minute to tell you what you should NOT blog about.  Don’t make every blog about your latest new product or the cool new service you now offer.  It is okay to occasionally create a promotional blog, but you don’t want every blog post to be about you or your company.  The same goes for client wins and employee successes.  Of course, it is great to toot your own horn occasionally, but be sure you post those type of blogs sparingly.  When users seek out your blog, they are seeking answers to their questions or problems and don’t want the hard sell.

Hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas for blogs.

Happy blogging!