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About Me

Jenn Graddy

Who Am I?

I’m Jennifer Graddy. I started out in the corporate world at Lockheed Martin.  After Lockheed, I worked for FDIC,  Mitsubishi and Turner Broadcasting Systems.  My friend at TBS recommended I go into consulting since I was bored at work so I got a job at Cambridge Technology Partners where my clients were big names like Citibank and Nasdaq.

Next, I started a marketing agency with a group of others where I spent the next 15 years.  Then it happened, the company struggled to pay payroll and my partner hired someone who was much younger (and less expensive) to do the technical work.  I knew I had to leave and start my own company.  I thought it would be easy with clients flocking to me, but it was anything but easy.  Even though I knew technology, it was A LOT to get everything setup the way it needed to be and to get clients interested in what I was doing.  At first, I took anything.  Anything to pay the bills, but over the years I’ve realized that I really want to serve my own community.  I want to help pet business owners just like me who are starting a business are completely lost on how to setup the technology.  


Fun Facts About Me:

  • I’m a huge Auburn football fan, in fact, I love college football regardless of the team so most Saturdays in the fall you’ll find me in front of a TV or at a game.
  • I’m married and have been for 30+ years
  • Orlando is where I make my home and have all of my life except for about 10 years in Atlanta and when I was in college
  • I love technology and what it can do for me
  • I swim, walk or exercise with my personal trainer almost daily

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