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Why Do I Need a New Website?

Why do I need a new website?

You already have a perfectly good website so why do you need a new one? You could ask this questions about a lot of products such as a car, a house, new clothes, a new smart phone, etc. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should upgrade your website at least every 2 years at a minimum and every year, if possible.

  1. Updated Design:  Every year there are new design elements such as fonts, layouts and colors.  You don’t necessarily need to have the latest & greatest design, but having a design that is not up to date makes you and your business look dated.
  2. Businesses Change and Evolve:  Businesses change and evolve in terms of the way they conduct business, their target market, their product mix and the services they offer.  It’s important that your website accurately reflects your business.
  3. How Customers Interact with Your Business Changes:  10 years ago, most people had never heard of Facebook.  Who would have thought you would have a mini computer as a phone?  What about Amazon same day delivery?  All of these things have changed the way that consumers interact with businesses.  You need to ensure your business and your website are changing to keep up with these trends.
  4. Technology Changes:  Technology changes monthly if not weekly.  You always want to make sure you are up to date on the latest technology such as mobile responsiveness.  Does your site look good on a smartphone?  What about a tablet?  Each year web servers get faster and have more memory.  Web software is also continually updated at your host.  You’ll want to make sure that you take advantage of the latest technology changes so that your site can be efficient as possible.
  5. Upgraded Theme / Plugins: Theme and plugins are updated all the time.  Is your theme still supposed or has it been abandoned by the developer?  Does your theme and plugins work with the latest version of WordPress.  When WordPress was updated to 4.5.2, many of the sites I manage broke and I had to upgrade the themes.  Luckily for my maintenance clients, all of their themes were only 1 release behind so the upgrade was not a big deal.
  6. SEO Changes:  Google frequently changes the ‘rules’ for SEO.  If you don’t understand the rules, your site will not rank high for SEO.  Upgrading your site can ensure you are in compliance with Google SEO.

You still want to ask why do I need a new website?



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