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Using Stencil For Graphics

Canva used to be my ‘go to’ online graphics app…..until I discovered Stencil.

Stencil is one of the best online graphic design tools out there. It is so easy to use and they have a free version as well as a paid version.  Stencil is the perfect option for bloggers who want to have professional quality images as well as freelancers who design products for their clients.

Stencil Pricing Options

Stencil has three different pricing options, including a free option for the hobbyist, $9 a month for professionals or $12 a month for an unlimited version.  I personally use the Unlimited option because it gives me so much more the other two options.  If you are an agency or a freelancer or someone who is paid for graphics work, I would encourage you to pay the $12 month for the Unlimited option.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Create unlimited images
  • 1,200,000+ Photos
  • 700,000+ Icons & Graphics
  • 2,100+ Google Fonts
  • Font Uploads NEW
  • Logo / Watermarks
  • Keep unlimited favorites
  • 650+ Amazing templates
  • 100 Instagram SMS / month
  • Premium support

Stencil Is Great for Social Media Graphics

A huge part of creating and growing a blog is properly utilizing social media. With high quality, professional looking social media image posts, blogs can easily get a lot of attention. Whether you simply want to make a post with great graphics or are looking to create Facebook covers, apps, Twitter banners, YouTube channel art, Pinterest graphics, or any other social media image for that matter, it can be done in just a few steps with Stencil

  • Simply open Stencil.
  • Click on Create New Image (if you want to resize the image, simply click on the size and select a new predetermined size or create a custom size)
  • Upload images or choose from stock images.
  • Fix images, add filters, and edit text.
  • Save and share the finished graphic directly to a social media page or profile.

Stencil Saves Everything Automatically

One of the biggest benefits of Stencil is that it saves everything which makes it incredibly easy to come back to projects if you step away from the computer. It also makes it extremely easy to use the same colors, templates, logos, and fonts over and over again.  I have several businesses so I have uploaded on all my logos and fonts so with a simple click my logo is added to my graphics. It could not be easier!

Stencil allows you to customise the size of your graphics to fit your specific requirements, so it’s perfect for small images like buttons and ads, as well as banners and other large graphics. If you need to resize, you simply click on the size and change it.  Again, it is very simple.

In summation, Stencil is a simple program that will make designing images significantly easier for bloggers and website designers everywhere. Try it today!




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