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Search Engine Optimization 

Orlando Local SEO Service

You’re a small business in a booming active community, but your customers can’t find you through a basic online search. You know the community is full of potential customers who are searching for your services so what is going on?

If your revenue is relying on a shrinking collection of regular customers, you might as well say goodbye to sustainable business growth. Search engines have replaced the phone book and in some cases, word of mouth, as the top way to find service providers so if you’re showing up on the third page of results you might as well not be showing up at all.  When was the last time you searched for a business and went beyond the first page?  Think about it.

Fortunately, you have us. Digital Community Connections Agency is a local Orlando SEO firm providing a friendly and personalized approach to ensure local customers find your website through local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the art of getting your business to show up where your customers are actually looking.

Let’s say you’re a pet sitter in the Orlando area. Due to the nature of your business, most of your customers come from your area because who wants to drive 30 miles in Orlando traffic to walk someone’s dog?  That means anyone outside that radius is unnecessary to your business’ growth. After all, you don’t want to waste your time fielding calls and answering emails only  to find out you don’t service their area.

That’s why Local SEO is critical. When people find you through a search on maps, they’re 4x more likely to convert into paying customers than any other source of website traffic. 

The right local SEO strategy will increase calls, visits, and sales from people near your business

  • Stand out from competitors
  • Get discovered by mobile users
  • Deliver a hyper-personalized online experience
  • Increase brand awareness

Make it easy for your clients to find you and to contact you for service.

Why Work with Digital Community Connections Agency?

In our 10+ years of experience, we’ve learned that local SEO is the most effective way to help local businesses grow.

When you partner with us, you’ll save time and resources on marketing and focus more on what you do best—providing the service that inspired you to open a business in the first place.

We increase brand awareness among your target audience (local people who are actively searching for your service) without spending a dime on traditional advertising.

We have done this for many small businesses and we can do it for you!

Here’s Our Process

Our proven process has provided results to lots of local businesses including pet sitters, dog walkings, dog groomers, plumbers, photographers, garage door repair, etc.  and we can do it for you.

Here’s what we do:

  1. RESEARCH – We start by digging into keywords and historical data to competitor analysis, we identify opportunities for growth.
  2. ANALYTICS – After determining what to monitor in the research phase, we set up Google analytics and reporting to keep track of your campaign.
  3. CODE REVIEW – We look at the backend of your website and check for things like broken links, inconsistent coding, and user logic issues. Our findings help flag concerns that could impede the search process. We’re happy to relay results to your tech team or implement changes on your behalf.
  4. EXECUTION – Once we’ve established a solid foundation, we optimize your website, help build its authority, and identify content gaps.
  5. MONTH REPORTS and QUARTERLY CONSULTATIONS – We provide monthlh reports and quarterly consultations via video conference.