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Project Management and Consulting

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Do you need someone with project management experience to oversee a project?  Maybe you have a team in place, but no project manager.  Or, maybe you have a young project manager who needs some coaching in mentorship.  If so, we are here to help.  We have over 20 years in Project Management and have managed hundreds of projects.  We have successfully managed two man projects up to 30 man projects and everything in between.

Citibank Case Study

Citbank came to Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP) in need of a Customer Relationship Management (CMS) system that would no only service their South American credit card customers, but also allow them to upsell and cross-sell.  CTP recommended Pegasystems for the software, which Citibank agreed to purchase.  Once the software was purchased, CTP’s job was to configure the software to the Citibank specifications.  The first part of the methodology was scoping out the task at hand.  CTP entered into a month-long scoping exercise to understand the time and resources needed to configure the software.  Once the scope was agreed upon, requirements gathering began as well as storyboarding.  During this phase, we learn all the details associated with the completing the project.  Next step in the methodology is design, then development, testing and rollout.  The project manage in charge of this project was Jennifer Graddy.  She spent over a year in Miami managing the project which consisted of 30 CTPs employees and two Pegasystem employees.  She managed every step of the project including scope, requirements, design, development, test and rollout.  The project was a huge success finishing on-time and on-budget.


Jekyll Island Case Study

Jennifer Graddy managed the Jekyll Island account while at CO&P.  Tasks included in this project include:  budget management, team management, vendor management, event management including 6 events in one year, client engagement management, website development & maintenance, public relations and marketing strategy.