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SMALLab in Baton Rouge: 06/09


See How Embodied Learning Improves a Child’s Educational Experience
And Experience How SMALLab Learning Centers Can Inspire a Community

Tuesday, June 9 12:30 pm and 5pm (Each session will last apx. 1.5 hours) 

The Episcopal School of Baton Rouge
3200 Woodland Ridge Blvd.

 Please select a demonstration time by RSVPing to or call 404-889-8966 x270

*This is a first-come, first-served, first-hand experience in the SMALLab environment.


SMALLab Learning is the leader in embodied learning. Its products and programs are currently being offered in numerous K-12 schools across the US, including The Episcopal School in Baton Rouge. We are hosting an event at The Episcopal School to announce that SMALLab – our immersive, interactive classroom – will now also be available beyond school walls. We are also pleased to share with you a suite of alternative financing models for schools.

We will showcase SMALLab to real estate developers, educators, school administrators and media at the event. We are exploring the use of SMALLab in spaces outside of schools – spaces dubbed as SMALLab Learning Centers. The vision is a public-private partnership, implemented in retail spaces, museums, etc., providing greater access to embodied learning for students.

SMALLab is collaborative, kinesthetic and fun. Published research demonstrates that student learning is increased by 30% in SMALLab when compared against traditional methods. The technology can enhance K-12 students’ understanding across a broad range of topics including math, science, English language and the arts. Engaging all the senses, embodied learning immerses students into the content. SMALLab Learning is demonstrating how its interactive classrooms can empower teachers and educate students in the 21st Century.

Thanks for your consideration and please let us know how we might be able to accommodate you.


David Birchfield

SMALLab Learning CEO



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